First Post

Welcome to my blog, The Hero Complex.  I am a college junior, and hopefully on my way to medical school.  I go to college in the southeast and enjoy sports, movies, and traveling.  First off, my writing is definitely not world class.  Trust me, I know this but I hope that it gets better as I keep updating my blog.  I really enjoy another blog called Agraphia (link found in my blogroll), and my goal is to kind of mimic his style. My biggest wish is that my experiences with the "pre-med" life will be interesting for others considering this path.  I am currently studying for the MCAT, and scheduled to take it in April of 2011.  Applications start in May/June, and I will be sure to relay my experience with them.  I have done medical research, worked in the Emergency Room, and shadowed many different kinds of docs.  I have stories, experiences and some insight that I think will be interesting and maybe even a little bit funny.