Organic Chemistry

Yes, O-Chem....the bane of many pre-med's undergraduate career, as it is a necessary evil for admission to most, if not all medical schools.  I am in the second semester of Organic right now, and the professor* had to give the class a take home "test" right at the end of the semester because we have so many failing the course.  In fact, after the last test, two guys behind me had a conversation that included the following Dude 1:"Wow, you beat me, I got a 7."

Dude 2: "Not by much man, damn it"

Dude 1: "I don't know dude, should've studied more"

Anyways, the take home test was no walk in the park.  The entire test was a synthesis of a single compound.  At the moment, I have used 50 steps and the whole weekend, but I think I finally have it.  I can not wait to be done with functional groups, and with memorizing so many reactions each with their own exceptions.  I also will not miss the lack of sleep caused by orgo tests.  I know it is important for other classes and a certain standardized test, but how to reduce a ketone to an alcohol will never help me with a patient.

Last day of classes tomorrow!  Semester from hell is almost over, just these pesky finals...

*Doesn't help that the professor is the Chair of the Chemistry Department, he is the Organic King.