Winter Break...Please Get Here

Instead of studying for an Organic Chemistry lab final this afternoon, I am sitting here procrastinating.  I am just having a hard time finding the motivation to study.  It has been a rough semester, but it is almost finally over.  Classes have not been fun, my girlfriend has been studying abroad, and overall it has just not been a great couple of months.  I just need one more surge to get through this final and then two more early next week before I get to go home for Winter Break.  Unfortunately, I let myself get distracted by the internet*. Over break I get to shadow a doctor in the ER, pick my girlfriend up at the airport, and enjoy 3 weeks of doing nothing (except maybe starting MCAT prep).  Oh yeah, and enjoy Christmas with the family.  It is going to be amazing.

On a side note, I have got to say that people who only talk about grades really annoy me.  I have a friend (who is a really nice guy otherwise) and every time I see him all I hear about is how he dominated his biochemistry test, or how he won the Noble Prize for best grades ever.  I am not one to share my own scores with others, mostly because I would become too competitive (not one of my finer qualities).  I have learned to concentrate on my own performance, and to definitely not brag about a test score, but some seem to never learn this skill.

*Installing Stumble! may be the worst thing I have done for my study skills.