Study Study Study

Sorry again for the delay between posts.  I have been busy getting back into the swing of things that go along with the start of a new semester.  Luckily I will only be taking 12 hours this semester and concentrating the rest of my free time on MCAT studying.  Recently, I have really started getting down to studying.  I am starting with the Exam Krackers subject review books, which I have found pretty easy to read but also fairly brief in overall content.  I also bought a Kaplan review book and flashcards.  In my opinion, the most important thing to have are practice tests, and I have bought every single one available over at the AAMC website, along with the practice tests that come with the Kaplan book and Exam Krackers material.  I will let everyone know what my preferred company was for studying once I get further into the whole process, but just know that the study material is expensive.  I have spent over $500 on MCAT study material alone, not to mention the $235 registration fee for the actual test. It is starting to feel real, the MCAT is less than 3 months away, and studying has already become a bit of a drag.  It is hard to read and reread material that you are already partially familiar with.  The physics is what is giving me the hardest time.  I have not studied physics since high school, and memorizing all these formulas and problem strategies is time consuming.

My biggest advice is to learn the material the first time around.  Some of the things tested on the MCAT I am relearning and re-memorizing because freshman and sophomore year I learned material for the tests and then forgot most of it (as a lot of undergrads do I am sure).  It would be a lot easier if I realized how important that future information could possibly be.

Finally just a bit of an update, I scored a 29 on my first full length practice exam (from Kaplan).  I got a 10 in both the verbal reasoning and physical science section, and a 9 in the biological science section.  I was fairly pleased with the results, but my goal is a 42Q, I know this is reaching high, but why not?