So I finally finished up my entire content review. I took notes on each and every subject using ExamKrackers, Kaplan, and Wikipedia. I have a self-made formula sheet that I now have to memorize, and all that is left is to review my notes and start taking full-length practice tests. I was a bit burnt out on MCAT studying this evening, so I started working on my personal statement, which believe me is not easy. Needless to say, personal statement writing quickly became watching trashy TV (Jersey Shore anyone?).  While watching TV, I saw a preview for a movie coming out soon.  I am a huge movie buff, so most previews pique my interest a bit, but this one really got me thinking.

The movie is Limitless, staring Bradley Cooper (one of the guys in The Hangover).  Basically the movie is about how Bradley Cooper is just an average Joe until he discovers a secret drug that enables him to become the "perfect" version of himself.  I guess he realizes his entire potential, and becomes insanely smart, wealthy, successful, athletic, etc.  Of course, a bunch of drama then ensues.  Anyways, the point I am making is: How awesome would it be if it was that easy?  What would the "perfect" version of you be?

MCAT?  Check, I got a 45T.  GPA?  Check, the 4.0 is all locked up.  Personal Statement?  Check, I think I just wrote the next War and Peace......Medical School?  Check, full ride baby!

Important note, I am not saying that taking drugs is alright or that they will give you superpowers.  I just think the movie looks really cool.