Crunch Time

I am sitting at the library in my cubicle, and just finished some review on mirrors and lenses.  I think it is starting to hit me that I am taking this test in 6 days.  I have been preparing for so long, I can't believe it is almost over.  Yesterday after I took AAMC's practice test #9, I took a "test" drive out to the testing center, so that I will be comfortable driving there early Saturday.  I will post my initial impressions about the test sometime shortly after the 16th (though I can't discuss any specifics), and I have already started working on a long post about my recommendations for the MCAT.  Although I guess they are looking into changing the format of it in 2015? This is a big week, I am also being interviewed for a potential scholarship on Tuesday morning.  So one more time, wish me luck, there is a lot of pressure, and I will be back posting sometime after the big day.