Summer '11

I just finished my junior year in college! I had my cumulative Cell Biology Exam today and will be making my way home in the next day or two. I am going to relax at home for about two weeks, then come back to my apartment and work all summer in a lab.  Hopefully moving towards actually publishing something in the next month or two. It's an exciting time, roughly 15 days until MCAT scores come out, and 3 days until the AMCAS opens.  However, I am tired of always counting down or looking forward to things down the road. Anyone ever feel (especially as pre-professional somethings) that we are always looking way into the future and saying to ourselves: "Well in a [insert future date] I will be much happier/better/more fulfilled/more relaxed/etc."?  My goal is to focus on the now.  Life is pretty damn good; school is out, the MCAT is done, family and girlfriend are great, and right now I am rocking out to some Parachute and thoroughly enjoying it.

On a complete side-note, I am going to link my MDapplicants account on the sidebar at some point soon.  I think the site is pretty cool, and useful.  I suggest anyone else applying this cycle do the same.  Also, posting should become more regular from this point forward (hopefully), especially writing about my experience with the new AMCAS application.  Finally, some pretty big news last night right?  Like him (I do) or not, I think we can all agree President Obama sure can give some amazing speeches.