The List

I just sent in my AMCAS at 1:08 pm. It was more than a bit nerve-racking. I think I read over and reviewed my application at least 10 times. That being said, I am happy with it. My personal statement is not going to blow anyone away, but I am OK with how it came together. I think it is solid enough to get the job done. I am going to post how I put in my activities and extracurriculars, but probably not until next week.  Anyways without further ado, here is my list of places I am applying to (with some comments) 1a. UNC Chapel-Hill (probably my first choice, great school and price, pretty place, and I am in-state)

1b. Medical University of South Carolina (my other first choice, I love Charleston and my girlfriend will probably be here for dental school)

2. Johns Hopkins (great school, terrible area, probably a reach)

3. Vanderbilt (I really like Nashville, and you cant go wrong with Vandy on your resume)

-no particular order-

Harvard (just want to see if I can get in, probably won't)

The Brody School of Medicine (ECU) (my in-state "safety" school)

Wake Forest (good friend went there and liked it, close to home)

Virginia Commonwealth University (I like Richmond, and it takes a good amount of OOS applicants)

West Virginia University (I have some family ties there)

So there are my nine schools.  It was over $400 to submit, I can't imagine spending more by applying to other schools. If you didn't notice, I can't really see myself anywhere except the East Coast.  I will post more about these schools and their secondaries (assuming I get some, knock on wood) as they come. The rankings will also probably update and change. As mentioned my significant other is applying to dental schools at the same time as I apply to med schools, so some of the listed schools are in cities where there is also a dental school. Stay tuned to this site (hint: subscribe), and also check out my MDapplicants page, which I have linked over on the sidebar.