Today at 8:22 am, I received an email saying that my AMCAS application had been verified. Someone went through my official transcripts and compared the grades and course titles with what I had entered. They recalculated my cumulative and science (BCPM - biology, chemistry, physics, math) GPA, and now they will send it off to medical schools on June 17th.  It took a week for my application to be verified, and I submitted on the 3rd earliest possible date! I can't imagine how long it would take if you submit in July or August. Here is the exact timeline for people who care: (AMCAS submitted: 6/3/11 @ 1:08 pm, AMCAS verified: 6/10/11 @ 8:22 am, Official Transcripts received by AMCAS: 5/16/11 and 5/20/11)

I am just now working on the post about entering activities and extracurricular stuff.  My computer has been getting repaired over last two days, and so I haven't been able to work on it.  By the way, I love the Apple Care Protection Plan, it is so great to get half your computer replaced for free.  I know people hate on Macs, but they are so worth it.