Random Stuff

Quick post tonight, I am tired and have to get my stuff together to start the week. Mostly not medically or application related: - My summer job (research lab) has been OK so far.  I have had to start working with mice some, so that has been interesting and sort of sad but overall I kind of like it. I told my PI that I didn't want to be involved in any killings but working with animals in general is exciting.  It is also keeping me busy too with over 40 hours per week on average.

- My Pirates selected Gerrit Cole 1st overall in the Major League Baseball Draft.  Which I am extremely excited about, we are playing much better this year and Gerrit Cole could put us over the edge.  Whether anyone who reads this blog cares about baseball is another question haha.

- I absolutely love Apple.  My old mac-book was acting up, so they just gave me a new mac-book pro since I was still under warranty! I had quite a few problems in the past year with my old computer, but still it was a great surprise and the pro is pretty amazing.

- I am so glad that I don't have to study for the MCAT this summer, a lot of people I know are studying and/or taking the test this summer, and it is really nice to be done with all that stuff right now.

- Finally, try out Evernote, it is an application that I just started using and I think it could be very useful.