Tip for Entering Your Work/Activites into the AMCAS

There are many different theories about the best way to enter your activities into the AMCAS.  I don't think there is a "best" way to do it, but I thought the bullet point method was the most practical. Basically, I listed the title of an activity and then filled in the other required information.  Then under the "Experience Description" section, I would just use a hyphen to start my thought and describe what the activity was.  Sometimes I used complete sentences, other times (to save the limited characters) I would just jump into a thought or description.  For example under a volunteer category: Experience Description:

  • - Volunteered at the homeless shelter for the past 2 year, for a total of about 100 hours
  • - Responsible for cleaning the kitchen area, and serving meals to the needy
  • - Often helped cook large scale meals
  • - (If this was not one of your three "meaningful" experiences, then I would put a personal touch or two here, "I met such-and-such, or "I learned how to organize food drives"

The "Most Meaningful Experience Remarks" are probably pretty important for ad-coms.  Choose them wisely, and describe why they were important to you and how they changed you, or led you in the direction of medical school.  I think it is important to display themes from your personal statement, but don't repeat anything from there.  Your entire application should tell a story that is consistent with who you are and what you are trying to display to the admissions committee.

Don't put down activities that you wouldn't be able to converse about in an interview, nor should you list things you think they want to hear.  It is much more important to be yourself and list what is important in your life.

Oh yeah, and you can group similar activities.  For instance, don't have 5 different shadowing entries.  Group them under one heading and just say who you shadowed and for how many hours.

There is an entire thread over at the Student-Doctor Network devoted to this very subject, go check it out here