My Activites

A lot of applicants worry about having a diverse range of extracurricular activities. I would agree with this to an extent, obviously you don't want 15 of the same category.  However, the different headings are vague enough that you can categorize somewhat freely.  For example: I would say that being a camp counselor could be justified as being "paid-employment - not military" or "leadership - not listed elsewhere." This allows for you to diversify your activities without really changing anything. Listed below are the categories of my 14 entries. Notice that I didn't even use all 15 of the available spaces (mostly because of grouping, but also because I didn't have another item of significance to add). 2 Honors/Awards/Recognitions 2 Teaching/Tutoring Presentations/Posters 2 Community Service/Volunteer - not Medical/Clinical Research/Lab 2 Leadership - not Listed Elsewhere 2 Other Paid Employment - not Military Extracurricular/Hobbies/Avocations