Scholarship to Medical School!!!!

Well this made my decision really easy. I just got off the phone with the Dean of a certain medical school in the Carolinas and he offered me a merit scholarship of 50% off of tuition and fees to come to his school!! I accepted, and now I am freaking out! This will probably save me $100,000+ in student loans, and who knows how much in interest. I don't think I am going to specify which school I will be attending, because the anonymity allows me to write things I couldn't otherwise. The list of possible schools is not very long though! I know how rare medical school scholarships are and I am honored to receive one. Hard work, persistence, and just a bit of luck really do pay off in the end. In a future post I will tell you just how I went about receiving free money from a medical school (yes, I really do think there are some things to do to help your chances other than high scores and great extracurriculars). However, right now I am going to go celebrate. What a great way to start the weekend!