There are some great blogs out there, that I read every single day (or at least try to). Here are a few that I think my readers would be interested in.

  • Agraphia- The blog that started it all for me. It was my inspiration for starting my own website, and an author I try to mirror. Dr. Zac writes about life as medical student and then as an Emergency Medicine physician at a trauma-1 hospital in the Southeast. This is pretty much exactly what I want to be doing. He manages to mix humor and insightfulness, which I admire. It is definitely worth spending an afternoon going through his archives.
  • The White Coat Investor- I have always been interested in personal finance and investing, so a site that combined that with medicine was obviously right up my alley. Another Emergency Medicine doc, Dr. Dahle gives amazing advice to a group of people who generally need help with their money. I read it every day.
  • Medical School Insider - If you want information from an admissions guru, this is the site for you. Dr. Mike Frazier went to UCLA and was a member of the admissions committee there. He has great information for doctor wannabes, and has written an entire E-book about getting in to medical school: 10 Steps to Accepted
  • Practical Premed- This is a wonderful site for achieving any goal (medical school for example). Ryan has been accepted to medical school and offers tons of advice about how to be your best and be successful.
  • WhiteCoatDO- Ryan's brand new site, about his adventures in medical school. If you liked Practical Premed, you will definitely like this site.
  • Plans- Is written by one of my first friends on the blogosphere. Allison has a fantastic, funny, and inspirational story and one that I look forward to reading with each new post.
  • Surviving Gray's - This is a fairly new website written by a General Surgery resident. He has a lot of great blog posts for pre-meds and medical students. It is a website I have started to follow closely, and you should too!