The Hero Complex is my attempt at writing, for better and for worse.  I am not sure how many people will care to read about my life and experiences, but if you do, thanks for stopping by.  This blog will mostly be about my experiences as a medical student, as I am currently a second year. I also love helping readers get into medical school and ace the MCAT. Take some time to subscribe to my blog and newsletter, and I always appreciate comments. Although this is a "medical" blog, nothing posted here should be construed as medical advice. Obviously, any and all "patient stories" have been modified and no real names or cases will ever be used. The Hero Complex also represents the opinions and writings of me, the writer/owner, and it is not associated in anyway with my medical school or any hospital I may work at.

Final Disclaimer: As I am now trying to make a little bit of money from this website, I may link certain books, movies, or other products to Amazon. I receive a small percentage in return from Amazon (at NO extra cost to you). I have also enlisted affiliate programs with Mint, Bluehost, and Apple.