The Hero Complex

I am now at home for a bit so that I can relax, work on my personal statement, and make a final list of schools to apply to.  Therefore, with some actual free time, I thought I would say a bit about the title of this blog. I tried to use my phenomenal internet skills and find out what exactly a "Hero Complex" is, and I was left sort of disappointed. Seriously, Google search it or check out the results: here and here.  So I got to thinking about how I would define it, and I am not sure I can do much better. I wanted to be a superhero "when I grew up" for so long, it became almost embarrassing to talk about.  I seriously remember being in 8th grade and planning out my life as Batman. I finally realized that although I may be blessed stunningly good looks (haha), I would probably never be able to jump off a building and live, or pick up a truck with one arm.  I had to move one and focus on another career.  With all due respect to the military, firemen, police, nurses, etc., I think there was an obvious answer: being a doctor.

Obviously it is cliche, but I want to help people in my career.  But I also have selfish reasons for my desired profession, I want to be fulfilled and feel as if I, personally, made a difference in his/her life.  I want people to lean on me when they need to, and to be considered a hero by my peers.

So I guess my definition of the "hero complex" would be an intense desire to "save" or "help" people regardless of personal consequence.  When an individual with this condition saves the day a feeling of complete contentment and fulfillment is usually observed. I would guess that a lot of individuals who choose service oriented careers have this condition.