UNC Chapel Hill Interview

In continuing with my series of interview reviews, I will now move on to cover my day at University of North Carolina Chapel-Hill. This was the second interview I had, and I was able to drive to get there. The first thing I noticed was that Chapel Hill is a much smaller town than I am used to. I know that Raleigh/Durham are extremely close, but it has a different feel than my home town and current residence. Anyways, the day of the interview I saw the hospital complex for the first time. It looks really impressive, and has a good mixture of old and new buildings. I made my way to the medical school facility and it, of course, was nice. The people were really wonderful and I was shuttled into a room where I pretty much stayed for the rest of the day. I was given my interview schedule verbally and then my group pretty much just waited in this room until it was our individual turn.

My first interview was with an older physician, who was board certified in 3 or 4 specialties. He was definitely old-school, and had not read my application before hand. He would read through my AMCAS print-out, find something that caught his eye, and then we would chat about it. He was very frank and honest, which I appreciated. At first I was a bit intimidated by him, but the longer the interview went (almost an hour total) the more and more I began to enjoy myself. I think that it is key to pick up on the "feel" or atmosphere of any interview (grad school, job, etc.) and adapt yourself to that. I knew that I had rocked the interview because at the end Dr. Old-School told me (as he patted me on the back), "I hope that you choose us over any other school."

I was immediately shuttled to my second interview, because my first one had run a bit over schedule. This interview also went extremely well, and was much more conversational and less focused on medicine. We talked about philosophy, tablet computers, football, Europe, and siblings. It was actually a lot of fun. This doctor was the one who called me when I was accepted.

The day finished up with a delicious lunch, talk with the dean, and a tour of the campus. Compared to some other schools, I wasn't terribly impressed with the tour or simulation lab, but it was still more than adequate. I especially liked the fact that UNC-CH gives out almost a $1 million dollars of free health care a day.  All-in-all, I had a good experience and I am lucky to have been accepted to such a great school.