MUSC Interview

Finally, the last of my medical school interview recaps. I will not be doing a write up of ECU (if you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all), so the Medical University of South Carolina will be the last in the series. First off, I am surprised and sort of disappointed when people don't know where MUSC (or Charleston for that matter) is located. Charleston, SC was by far my favorite city that I interviewed at. The combination of history, the beach, amazing restaurants, phenomenal weather, and the fact that you can walk or bike anywhere makes the location of this school unbeatable. Like every other interview day, things began in a conference room with the entire group listening to admissions counselors talk about the school, curriculum, financial aid, etc. There were approximately 16 of us present on my interview day, all of whom were very down to earth. I was impressed by the organization of the information presented and also how nice the staff was. After the obligatory informational session, we immediately jumped into the interviews.

MUSC gives each applicant 3 interviews. One of which most of us had completed earlier. This interview is with a former student of MUSC or with an outside community physician. From what I have learned this interview is the least important as the interviewer is not officially on the admissions committee and almost always gives a positive review of the applicant. I had my "outside" interview the day before the official interview day and it was just a relaxed conversation.

The other two interviews are pretty standard. In my case, both physicians knew my application very well and so we didn't spend much time on what I had put on my AMCAS. It was more of a getting to know each other and seeing how I fit in with the MUSC culture. We talked about college football, my future potential specialites, and also my parents. One unique aspect was that one of my interviews was a "walk and talk." The doctor and I walked through the medical campus while discussing all of these things, which was really kind of fun. Interviews lasted anywhere from 30 to 40 minutes.

There was also a tour of MUSC, and I was surprised by how awesome their simulation lab is, it seems brand new. There are also two brand new research buildings, and rumors of a new ER and Children's Hospital. Finally the day ended with lunch with all of the prospective candidates, current students, and also some faculty. Lunch was catered by some local company, and it was delicious. All in all, MUSC had a great interview day planned. Everything ran without hitch, and I really got a good feel for what the school had to offer. MUSC will definitely be one of my top schools, the only thing I am worried about is the huge cost of attendance for an out of stater.