Renaissance Man

My username on the Student-Doctor network is "Renaissance Man." Other than the fact that I think it is a really cool alias, the name describes a lot about me and my aspirations. A Renaissance Man or polymath is someone whose expertise spans a wide variety of subjects. The best examples that I can think of are Leonardo da Vinci, Thomas Jefferson, and maybe House, MD (haha). Now, I don't claim to be an expert on anything, but I think that I am competent in many different subjects. At the very least I am interested in a bit of everything. As you can imagine, this made picking a major extremely hard. I eventually decided on biology more so because it was convenient and useful. Over spring break as I helped my brother pick out his courses for next semester I was jealous of how many cool classes he could still take in college. Don't get me wrong, I am super excited about medical school but a piece of me also wants to pursue a master of business administration (MBA) or do Teach for America. In the last few months I have thought about: writing a book, a future run for public office , opening a winery or restaurant, starting a travel blog, and entering the World Series of Poker. Obviously all of these things are probably not reasonable but it is OK to still dream right?....even at age 22...please?

I have said since the beginning of this blog that I want to go into Emergency Medicine. It is perfect for me! I can see patients with such a wide range of problems that I should never get bored. I will also have to be well versed in neurology, cardiology, infectious diseases, trauma, GI, OB-GYN and urology. The shift work aspect will also lend itself to having actual free time so that I can train for a triathlon or pursue whatever is running through my head that year.

I think this personality quirk of mine also makes focusing this blog a bit of a challenge. There isn't a true direction or method to the madness but I hope it is useful for you!