List of MCAT Equations to Memorize

While I was studying for the MCAT I carefully went through all of the physics and general chemistry lectures in both the Examkrackers and Kaplan review books. I also did hundreds of practice questions and dozens of practice tests. By the end, I think I had a good idea exactly about what equations are high yield and should be memorized.

You all probably know that memorizing equations isn't hard. It is knowing when to use them that is difficult. For that I have no advice other than practice, practice, practice. Do as many questions as possible. Look through your old Chemistry, and Physics exams to understand why you used that certain equation on that certain problem. I promise you that no one has gotten a good score simply by being able to write out a few equations, or knowing Planck's constant by heart. However, I think I am offering you all something that is both useful, and more As mentioned earlier, during my content review I came across a lot of equations. I wanted to be able to have all the equations at the tips of my fingers, so I created an extensive home-made list of MCAT equations. What I have done recently is scan that document, and now I am uploading that PDF here so that others can benefit. I kept this exact document at the front of my MCAT binder and refreshed myself on every equation before starting my content review.

DISCLAIMER: Let me be 100% clear, this is not an all-inclusive list, nor is it a master list that everyone should instantly commit to memory. I do not pretend to be a master of math on the MCAT. This is exactly what I used to study and memorize from, and it is as simple as that. There are some equations on here that may never come up in your studies...and its is OK!  It is handwritten, and my symbols may not match up precisely with the scientific literature.

There is absolutely NO need for you to tell me my equations are wrong, or I forgot something, or whatever. Use the free download if you want, modify it anyway you seem fit, rewrite whatever you want (just please don't complain haha).

Thank you all for being such great readers, and without further ado...

Click here to download: The Hero Complex's List of MCAT Equations