The Devil Wears Scrubs

Freida McFadden's, The Devil Wears Scrubs, hysterically narrates the first few weeks of Dr. Jane McGill’s internship. Poetically it begins with the ominous threat: “They say every physician has a graveyard. Mine may eventually contain Dr. Alyssa Morgan. Watch out, Alyssa." Dr. Alyssa Morgan is the senior resident in charge of...yep you guessed it, our favorite intern: Jane McGill. Starting residency as a practicing physician is full of firsts for Jane. She is called Doctor McGill for the first time. She learns that eating, and using the bathroom are luxuries she rarely gets to enjoy. And quite glamorously, Jane examine lots of butts as a medical intern (which is something I learn to do next month...)

Jane moves into the cheap dorm room provided by the county hospital in which she is interning. Her scantly possessions consist of clothes, books, and Jack. Jack is a 3-foot tall skeleton that Jane states is the “closest thing I’ve got to a boyfriend right now.” She also shares her apartment with a crazy roommate that may have just graduated from an “Intergalactic Medical” school. How else can you explain a roommate that regularly recites the rules of tenants living in the dormitory by heart, doesn’t share her toilet paper, and writes detailed instructions on how and when to clean their shared bathroom?

Getting back to the subject of Jane's threat, and the actual devil in scrubs leads us to Dr. Alyssa Morgan, who is perpetually disgusted with everything Jane does and everything Jane says. To make matters even worse, Jane’s co-intern, Connie, is the favorite of  Dr. Morgan's. Connie is a preliminary intern. She is only doing one year of internal medicine before she starts her residency in dermatology, a decidedly “cushy residency.”

(On a bit of a side-note, check out these salary figures for dermatology and you can see why it is the most competitive specialty out there. Especially when their typical work week is 40 hours!)

Dr. Jane has at least 10 patients to every 1 that Connie tends. Throughout the book, Jane sniffs every smelly orifice that a human body holds. She is constantly criticized and ignored. Although there is little time to eat and sleep, Jane makes time to flirt with a “Sexy Surgeon.” Jane also learns about the importance of sticky notes and that you can brush your teeth with your finger and a goop of some leftover toothpaste.

Dr. Alyssa may make Jane’s internship (make that the first month of her internship) miserable, but our Jane has a breaking point and a back bone. I can’t wait to read what happens her second month. There is a Book 2 isn’t there? Freida McFadden I hope you’re listening!

Imagine an easy read with laugh out loud moments, a touch of Grey's Anatomy, and just a hint of horror about what my future holds and you have The Devil Wears Scrubs.

Full Disclosure: Dr. McFadden offered me a free electronic copy of the book and I agreed to write an honest review about it. We have no financial relationship, and if you want to read more of her humor you should see her blog: A Cartoon Guide to Becoming a Doctor