There are some great blogs out there, that I read every single day (or at least try to). Here are a few that I think my readers would be interested in.

Agraphia- The blog that started it all for me. It was my inspiration for starting my own website, and an author I try to mirror. Dr. Zac writes about life as medical student and then as an Emergency Medicine physician at a trauma-1 hospital in the Southeast. This is pretty much exactly what I want to be doing. He manages to mix humor and insightfulness, which I admire. It is definitely worth spending an afternoon going through his archives.

The White Coat Investor- I have always been interested in personal finance and investing, so a site that combined that with medicine was obviously right up my alley. Another Emergency Medicine doc, Dr. Dahle gives amazing advice to a group of people who generally need help with their money. I read it every day.