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The Hero Complex is a superhero-themed family entertainment center that offers an array of interactive experiences for people of all ages.

For our initial opening, guests can experience our superhero store with premium merchandise such as high-end toys, comics, statues, and apparel, and an arcade with the latest types of superhero video games, virtual reality experiences, retro games, and interactive physical activities. As we grow and move into our 58,000-square-foot building across the parking lot, we will expand into other superhero-themed areas, including a museum, minigolf, bounce pads, rock climbing walls, additional VR experiences, and several food options.

Whether you are looking for high-energy gaming, the latest superhero merchandise, a fun hangout for the family, or a great place to throw a party, the Hero Complex is your destination! We are excited to share our passion for superhero culture with you at the Hero Complex!

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